KALAM Video Presentation

We have now updated our video presentation, incorporating some notable recent projects along with our firm’s international growth in the past few years. We’d like to take advantage of Christmastime to share this with our team and with all the professionals who have been fellow travelers

Experts in energy rehabilitation: EUSKALAN

For an effective transformation towards a global economy with zero carbon emissions, which will allow us to stop and ultimately mitigate the climate changes that threaten our civilization, it is necessary to absolutely reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and increase energy efficiency. The European

From cavity walls to ventilated facades

The ventilated facade we know today, with all its technical complexity, stems from a concept originating in 19th century English construction, the "cavity wall". This hollow wall appeared as an alternative to the solid wall that had been used for centuries in all types of

KALAM takes part in the Tic Cámaras program

During this year 2022 we have been working on the implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP, with the aim of further improving our organization and control of our procedures. We have had the support of the TIC Cámaras program, of the Chamber of Madrid, being


Ibero-American Heritage Collection

KALAM periodically publishes special editions to disseminate relevant and interesting topics among heritage managers and architects, being editors together with our editorial teams - graduates in History of Art, Fine Arts and technical specialists - and with the direct collaboration of prestigious scholars and managers

Curso de arquitectura tradicional realizado en Cantabria

KALAM shares its experience with our future professionals

KALAM has participated in Cantabria in a new edition of the Summer Course of Traditional Architecture organized by INTBAU and the Prize Rafael Manzano. Two of our specialists, Fernando Aranda and Manuel Montañés, have shared their knowledge and the experience of Kalam in the implementation