KALAM Video Presentation

We have updated our presentation video, incorporating some recent outstanding works and the evolution of the company’s internationalisation in recent years, to share it with our team and with all the professionals with whom we continue to build this shared trajectory.

The presentation takes a tour of the heritage and historical buildings in which we are fortunate to intervene. It incorporates descriptive sections on specialized work, such as the comprehensive rehabilitation that we carried out for National Heritage in the Casa del Labrador, in the Royal Site of Aranjuez, World Heritage Cultural Landscape.

Likewise, rehabilitations and restorations are shown, such as those we regularly carry out in historic centers such as Toledo, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Valencia or Lisbon, in residential buildings, hotels, cultural, educational, institutional, commercial or office buildings. . Among them, in emblematic buildings, such as the group of buildings of the first Four Season in Spain, the Círculo de Bellas Artes or the Bank of Spain, contemporary or industrial, such as the recovery project of the old Ombú warehouse or historical ones that make up our urban landscapes.

We also update the information on our international evolution, in which we maintain KALAM’s vision of commitment to quality and safety in our works and sustainable growth in markets that appreciate the company’s high specialization. Works stand out such as the intervention in the remodeling of the library of the well-known Pompidou Center in Paris, comprehensive rehabilitations in progress of buildings in the center of Lisbon or in Chile for the public sector and institutions, such as the recovery of the Church of the Blessed Sacrament or the Palacio Pereira, both in the center of Santiago, as well as others for the private sector in educational centers, hotels or offices. In the United States, our growth continues with restoration and rehabilitation works in the historic district of Brooklyn or in the center of Manhattan, in New York City, or in the Royal Thai Pavillion of the botanical garden in Madison, Wisconsin, among others, such as which we started at the beginning of the year on Fifth Avenue.

We also offer updated details of our international growth, in which we maintain KALAM’s vision and commitment to quality and safety in the work we do as well as to sustained growth in markets that appreciate our specialist expertise. The projects featured include the remodeling of the library of the famed Pompidou Center in Paris, ongoing comprehensive rehabilitations of buildings in downtown Lisbon, or work in Chile for the public sector and institutions, such as restorations of the Church of the Holy Sacrament or of the Pereira Palace, both in central Santiago, along with other projects for the private sector on schools and colleges, hotels or offices. In the US our growth has continued with restoration and rehabilitation projects in the historic district of Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan in New York, or on the Royal Thai Pavilion in the Botanical Gardens of Madison, Wisconsin, among others, along with the project that we are to start early next year in Fifth Avenue.

To contribute to the dissemination of the materials and content generated by KALAM on the work on historic buildings and cultural heritage, information has also been incorporated on publications, specialized training sessions and dissemination of traditional crafts and techniques, as well as the Symposium. International Scientific Heritage Security, held in Madrid, the results of which can be viewed on this website.

We hope that this tour of some of our works and the information provided will be of interest to the technicians and clients with whom we work.