Preservation works in the Cathedral of Seville

This week the KALAM team is restarting restoration work on the north facade of the Giralda bell tower (and former minaret) in Seville, which had to be suspended due to the pandemic.

We take the opportunity to share some pictures of the work that our team carried out in previous phases, under the direction of the architect Eduardo Martinez Moya and the supervision of Jaime Navarro, the cathedral architect and conservator, along with a committee of experts formed ad hoc to assure the rigor of this intervention, initiated by the Seville Cathedral governing council.

In parallel to the work being done, the intervention process and the associated findings have been thoroughly researched, documented and disseminated. Of note among the tasks being performed are the conservation and consolidation of the tower’s walls and the restoration of their decorative sebka brickwork.

The intervention will be completed in March of next year, when this iconic World Heritage building will recover all its splendor.

Photograph by Eduardo Martínez Moya and KALAM.