La Giralda de Sevilla: restoration, research and documentation

From 16 October, a complete exhibition on the restoration process of the Giralda tower, which is being carried out, can be seen as part of the visit to the Cathedral of Seville.

The set of interventions that have been carried out since 2015, aims to interfere as little as possible both in the liturgical calendar and in the vision of the tower given the significance that the Giralda has for visitors and citizens of Seville, which are an excellent opening for research and documentation. The unique opportunity to have scaffoldings on the different sides of the monument has given rise to the verification of existing hypotheses and the discovery of findings, which are now widely disseminated in detail through the exhibition.

As shown in the videos and illustrative totems, the joint work of all those involved in the process that are enabling the success and high quality of the interventions should be highlighted. It is worth mentioning the important figure of the Cabildo, promoter of these works, who protects the marvellous cathedral complex, World Heritage, and who is devoted to its best conservation and allocates resources through a structure of technicians and management instruments, such as the Master Plan of the cathedral, under the coordination of Mr. Dean. They are joined by two Sevillian experts, the conservative architect of the Cathedral D. Jaime Navarro Casas and the architect director of the restoration work of La Giralda D. Eduardo Martínez Moya. The execution is managed by the team of professionals, restorers and masters of traditional trades of KALAM, who in a coordinated way put all their knowledge, experience and skills at the disposal of the project. Finally, on the operation is the vision of an external Committee of Experts made up of professionals of the highest level who also watch over the criteria and follow during the intervention.

In the last intervention, located on the east face and currently underway after the realization of the west and south faces, the discovery of new colours is seeing the light; apart from the red ochre, already documented in the previous sides, has been found golden, ochre, yellow and orange, which could not be distinguished until now. Eduardo Martínez Moya, continues documenting and investigating all these findings, taking advantage of the intervention to date the history of the making of this singular tower.

In KALAM we work at the service of Cultural Heritage, and we are proud to be involved once again in the conservation of this great monument. To the interventions already carried out in La Giralda, as well as in other parts of the cathedral complex such as the Colombina Chapterhouse Library, the high rooms of the Sacristy, and the offices of the Tabernacle, we now add the new commission for the restoration and partial underpinning of the Church of the Tabernacle.

We are enormously grateful and happy to have again the confidence of the incumbent of the church and its great technical team of professionals committed to heritage, to continue to collaborate and share experiences in the preservation of such a magnificent ensemble.

We encourage you to visit the Cathedral and the exhibition of the works, of which we leave you a small teaser in the form of a video.


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