Rehabilitación Integral edificios en Atocha, Madrid

Comprehensive rehabilitation of two historic buildings in the center of Madrid

Our division of Comprehensive Rehabilitation of buildings is executing several interventions simultaneously in the center of Madrid. On this occasion, we share the on-going process of these important works promoted by Mazabi that our team is developing in two buildings located in the central Atocha street in Madrid.

Due to its location a few meters from the Plaza Mayor and the Church of Santa Cruz, in a very busy street, and due to the characteristics of the intervention with buildings with floor levels at different heights, an adapted implementation has been carried out, which has included the use of conveyor belts inside the building for the debris and the use of the rear courtyards as a logistics area to minimize disturbance to the environment.

After decades of neglect, the buildings presented an advanced state of deterioration and a significant need for action on their wooden structure strong>.

The specialists of our staff have undertaken the replacement of the vertical supports, decaying hammer beams and floor joists, as well as the execution of the necessary openings in the rehabilitation. The back walls of the inner courtyards, in a terrible state of conservation due to the presence of damp associated with the old kitchen area, have had to be demolished. In order to carry out this work safely, a shoring system was designed together with the construction manager, which allowed the planning to be maintained.

During this phase, it was detected that the wooden beams around the central inner courtyard of one of the buildings were in a very bad condition due to continuous exposure to humidity. For its necessary replacement, a shoring was designed to support the entire perimeter of the inner courtyard. In this emergency action, KALAM’s own locksmith and carpentry teams worked together, which allowed it to be carried out in a very tight schedule without affecting the forecast. The floors slabs have been reinforced through the execution of new compression layers with connectors.

In the roof the beams in poor condition have been replaced, providing new insulating it and re-roofing with the recovery of the old tiles to preserve its aesthetics. Likewise, the mansard roofs, which were badly damaged by the passage of time are being rebuilt.

In the interiors, dedicated to residential use, divisions and finishes are being carried out, providing the building with the necessary facilities for its final destination according to the needs and regulations in force. In the common areas we highlight the recovery of the old marble floors and the Nolla mosaics, as well as the existing moldings and the restoration of the wooden stair cores.

A set of works from structural to functional rehabilitation, integrating the constructive characteristics, coatings and character of these historic buildings, with the contemporary needs of a residential use that will soon bring these buildings back to life.

We value the preservation of knowledge, traditional trades and techniques with the specialized experience in building rehabilitation that KALAM staff has to ensure compliance with deadlines, quality and the appropriate handling that these projects need. Our entire team works in coordination in the service of these unique interventions, thus contributing to the conservation and rehabilitation of our historic centers.